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I've been making collars and leashes for my own Shiba Inu as a hobby for awhile now and selling the extra few that I make. In early January of 2010, my mother was diagnosed with colon cancer. It took until Mid-February for her to get surgery (because she is uninsured) and it will be April before she starts chemotherapy and radiation. It turns out it started as ovarian cancer. The bills are crazy, so I decided to sell my products as a fundraiser for my mother. My mom is 59 years old, therefore too young to qualify for Medicare and the manufacturing company she worked most of her adult life for has moved to China, so she no longer has health insurance through her employer. My dad is almost seventy and retired, so he can not provide health insurance for her through his employer either. . She (and I) have been delivering newspapers to make ends meet for years now, because realistically, where else is she going to get a job? Companies do not hire almost sixty year old women. This story is all too common, especially for women too young for medicare.

. If you're in the market for leashes or collars for your dogs, and you'd like to help out, there are many different styles and colors to choose from. I also make bracelets (for people.) I will be adding a line of simple show leads and also some fancy show leads in the future. Even though this is a fundraiser, prices are in line with, or less than comparable leashes you will find for sale online and at dogshows.

Payment is through personal check or through PayPal, but you do not have to have a PayPal account to pay online- you can pay with a credit card through PayPal without having a PayPal account. I thought about doing this through e-bay, but after their listing fees and selling fees, it's just too expensive. I'm trying to raise money for my mother's expenses and medical treatement, not for e-bay.

Expect it to take approximately a week from the time you order until your order is shipped. Each leash or collar is individually made when the order is placed. If it is going to be longer because of a backlog, I will keep you informed. If you are ordering a collar, it is very important that you take your dog's neck measurment correctly. Collars are not adjustable and are made specifically for your dog. I only use martingale collars on my Shibas (because Shibas like to escape from collars) but I do have other styles available.

Leashes are sold separately or as a collar/leash combo. When you buy a collar/leash combo, the leash is made right on the collar; they are not separate pieces.

This line of leashes and collars is made with Paracord, which is tubular nylon that as the name say, was developed for parachutes. There are different grades of paracord available, but I always use Type III Commercial 7 strand 550 pound test. Most leashes/collars are made with four strands braided together, though there are a few six and eight pieces/styles available. There is no dog who is going to break a four strand paracord leash.

Paracord is extremely strong, durable, available in a wide variety of colors and is comfortable in your hands. It's washable with soap and water and air dries quickly. Perfect for walking your dogs, agility competitions and as training leads. Single strand cord makes attractive show leads.

All leashes and collars are custom made to your order and are available in different styles and colors. However, on this page, you will find already made leashes/collars at a discount (ones I've made that my own dogs have since grown out of, samples of styles and colors and other already made leashes/collars.)


Questions and suggestions welcome!

It is very important to me that you are satisfied with anything you purchase from me. If you have any problems, even something you think is minor, please do not hesitate to let me know. Everything is hand made by me. If you have suggestions for different designs, improvements to my current designs or just want to let me know you like the pieces, feel free to contact me.



Martingale Collars

Slip (choke) Collars

Snap Collars

Show Collars (coming soon)

Litter Identification Collars


Standard leads with snap bolt

Kennel Leads

Handle/Tab (traffic lead) Leads

Show leads (coming soon)

Nippo leads (coming soon - special order - silk, rayon, or nylon)

Leash/Collar One Piece Combinations

Martingale Collar

Choke Collar

Reflective Leashes - one of a kind - you will not find these anywhere else.


For the People: Bracelets, Watch Bands, Key Chains, Belts, Lanyards