Katai Shibas -- Our Dogs (not all currently live here.)


The dogs of Katai Shibas - all of our dogs are house dogs and all are members of the family. Ages range from almost thirteen years down to one year, though we are looking for a new boy puppy to bring into our lives and lines. We'd like an import boy from Japan, but importing a dog is outside our budget. We'd love to hear about it if you're planning any exciting litters (we are looking for a Nippo registered boy.)

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Wika @ 13 years old "Wika" - Champion Ranchlake's Little Witch, ROM, BOS 1997 National Specialty Show.

Wika's Pedigree
"Kai" -- Champion Terlingua's Mahoutsukai (bred by us - we changed our kennel name in 2000.)

Kai's Pedigree
"Kat" Champion Sunojo's Ms Canada No Katai

Kat's Pedigree
"Dozer " -- Champion HiTorq At Fever Pitch Redsox

Dozer's Pedigree
"Kiko" - Champion Katai's Yukiko Hime Go

KIko's Pedigree
Dogs we've bred, but do not own